Ghosts of Grandeur is your source for information on the South’s varied and imposing antebellum architecture, much of which has vanished from the landscape due to natural disasters, fires, human neglect and progress.  In many cases, all that remains to remember many of these structures are nearly forgotten photographs.  Just as ghosts are said to be the visual manifestation of a deceased person’s soul, so too are photographs the last ghostly vestige of lost houses.  It is the intent of this site to preserve those images for the edification, enjoyment, and study of future generations.  We hope to rescue the memory of these once grand structures from obscurity and forgottenness. is your source for information and news on lost antebellum homes of the South.  The site features photo galleries, divided by state, with photographs of both standing and lost dwellings.  It also features a blog to foster discussion and interest in homes already lost, homes in danger of being lost, or news about historic preservation victories.  When this information is compiled into books or articles, those items will be available for purchase on this site as well.  Michael W. Kitchens’ new book, Ghosts of Grandeur: Georgia’s Lost Antebellum Homes and Plantations is being offered for sale now.

This site is updated periodically with new photographs, news, or blogs about developments relating to antebellum structures anywhere in the South.  Please visit frequently to keep updated on historic structure issues.